Manufacturing Industry

Active Controls for Manufacturing Venues

For better work environment, productivity in manufacturing is crucial. TRACKR offers micro-location solutions to help you provide your employees with better workplace.

Key Solutions

  • People Tracking: To manage work processes better, TRACKR offers active tracking system in a venue to help managers control overall performances anonymously. 
  • Assets Tracking: Controlling manufacturing machines in real-time is easier by tracking them in the venues.
  • Efficiency: TRACKR measures daily performances, compares them with previous day(s) and gives efficiency analyses in real-time.
  • Productivity: For maintaining better work environment, TRACKR follows work behaviours and gives managers suggestions to improve productivity of employees, such as brake periods, meeting habits and so on. 
  • People Safety: By utilizing different sensors, TRACKR immediately detects when a person has fallen or has been stable for a while and warns managers via email or notification.
  • Evacuation Management: Managers can see how many people have reached the assembly points when evacuation is needed.
  • Venue Security: Manage which person can access to specific areas and control your guests accessibility in the venue.
  • Assets Security: TRACKR follows valuable assets actively in the venue and makes sure that they are not removed outside.

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