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Indoor Tracking System and Real-Time Efficiency Analytics for Businesses


TRACKR is an active tracking system which provides product managers and operational engineers with real-time performance data and AI-driven predictions to improve efficiency of manufacturing processes by tracking assets and people in venues.

The system is an automated assistant of managers for measuring daily performances, comparing them with task durations and optimizing production costs. It helps the managers prevent delays, over employment and overtime costs.

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Because of the core technology, TRACKR is adaptable for businesses based on indoor spaces.

Active Tracking System

ATS is a real-time localization system that helps businesses track moving object in venues. ATS is to measure manufacturing processes dynamically by tracking people and objects in the venues.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics helps manufacturing industries collect real-time data and interpret daily performances dynamically. Since the common problems that manufacturing companies struggle with is similar such as production delays, overtime costs or penalties, TRACKR is to help managers find the root cause of the problems so the companies provide better production with on-time delivery.

People Tracking

For indoor spaces, the system can track people anonymously in real-time, such as employees, patients, students or guests.

Asset Tracking

By tracking the machines used in production such as robots or forklifts in venues, it can be easily measured real-time performances of them.


The system automatically measures dynamic efficiency of people or assets based on the theory of time that leads to costs.


The system determines daily work behaviors of people and gives managers suggestions for more productive work environment.

Work Safety

The system immediately detects if someone has fallen and keep the managers alert by utilizing sensors.


By tracking valuable assets actively, TRACKR ensures that if the assets leave the area, the system warns the managers immediately.

Authorized Area

Managers can create an authorized area and can identify which employees can access it. If unauthorized person walks in, the system automatically warns managers by email.

Evacuation Management

If any fire happens in a venue, managers can make sure everyone evacuate the building by using TRACKR Evacuation Management.

Proximity Access

For handicapped or senior people, TRACKR detects while a person approaches the door and has authority to acces, TRACKR opens it without any interference need.

Inventory Management

TRACKR helps operators take the inventory the most effective way and helps them find anything quickly with directional sensors.

Energy Management

In the venue, TRACKR automatically controls electiricty of a room when the room is empty so the system save a lot of money for the office.

Vehicle Safety

For the safety and productivity of workers, operators can control staff shuttle buses to make sure that everyone is in the bus and has safety trip.


Manufacturing Industry

TRACKR helps production managers to track manufacturing processes and improve efficiency in the workplace by measuring performances dynamically.

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By utilizing beacon technology, TRACKR provides the most accurate location-based solutions for indoor spaces.