Make Patient's Life Easier

All solutions that TRACKR offers for healthcare are designed for making management easier and effective.

Key Solutions

  • Surgical Duration Tracking: Duration of operations is critical in determining optimal schedules and to reduce delays for patients. TRACKR collects each duration of either surgeon or nurse and helps management department more accurate prediction of duration
  • Emergency Management: By carrying indoor spaces into digital area, locations of hospital staffs are actively tracked for emergency.
  • Assets Management: TRACKR helps hospital staffs manage on-site operations better by tracking mobile assets in the venue.
  • Patients Safety: Hospital staffs can immediately determine the locations of patients for effective on-site operations as well as patients' safety. 
  • Evacuation Management: Hospital staffs maintains safety by seeing how many patients have reached the assembly points when evacuation is needed.
  • Radiation Zone: The staffs can remotely monitor patients who are recently exposed to radiation and makes sure whether they are at isolated areas or not.
  • Proximity Access Control: This features are especially developed for handicapped patients and Alzheimer's patients who may struggle with accessing areas because of medical conditions.

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